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Today was Haley’s last day at BilingualKid Language Immersion School.

These two women have been so amazing over the past 3 years and helped prepare my girl for kindergarten in more ways than I could ever dream.

She has learned Spanish, sign language and so many other things from you but most importantly how to be a kind world citizen.

Thank you for loving Haley as your own and taking the best care of her!

We love you and are so blessed you have been such an important part of our lives! 



Our kids have attended BilingualKid for 2+ years and it has been a wonderful experience.

Ms Vilma and Ms Claudia treat us as family and provide a loving and nurturing environment for the children.


Both of our kids can speak and read Spanish fluently, our youngest even speaks Spanish when he is talking in his sleep!


We are so grateful for BilingualKid, and feel so lucky that our kids got the chance to be cared for by Ms Vilma and Ms Claudia.




Our family loves BilingualKid! Our children started at BilingualKid last September 2018 (at the time ages 16 mo, 2.5 years, and 4.5 years) and are still SO happy there.

Many native Spanish-speakers have commented on how well they all understand Spanish and how well our oldest speaks!  

Besides the language component, they are also learning so much geography and about cultures around the world.

We also can't say enough about Ms. Claudia and Ms. Vilma. They know our kids SO well on a level that doesn't compare with other preschools. This is credited to the ideal student-teacher ratios they have and the love they have for all the students.  

The set-up of the classroom is perfect and they always seem to be adding educational toys that match their "units of study." Our children also love the lunches which are healthy and home-cooked daily. They have even started requesting broccoli and celery be added to our family's grocery list.  


I do want to mention that the communication is amazing. We receive pictures daily, and at the end of every week a paragraph write-up about each of our children and the plan for the coming week... including field trip reminders! 

Really, we couldn't be happier about our choice for our children to attend BilingualKid- Spanish Immersion Preschool. 



We use the Wonderschool app for automatic payments, updates and sharing pictures of our children's day. You can find more testimonials here:

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